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Our vet tech holding a kitty that was just neutered

Spay & Neuter

Friendly Fixers is our in-house Spay & Neuter Clinic that is available every Thursday by appointment only. 

Help save other cats and  kittens by “fixing” your pet. You can even help the community by spaying and neutering stray cats, and returning them back where you found them.

* Please ask around first. 

Friendly Fixers is competitively priced  and have morning drop- offs so you can pick up your cat after work. Pet Haven also offers low cost pet carriers. 

Please call: (208) 562-0156

An orange kitten playing with a ball.

Cat Adoptions

Pet Finder lets you see the  cats at CC Pet Haven.

Once you find a cat, call us at

(208) 466-1298 to ask about its personality. We can tell you if it is kid-friendly, likes other animals, or is a special needs cat.

Pet Haven offers a playroom where our volunteers play with our cats to let their characters and personalities shine. There are a lot of people who have expressed the desire to adopt animals, but do not want to come to a shelter because it depresses them.  

We now have off-site adoptions on weekends at Petco in Nampa.

Pet Haven Thrift Store in Caldwell.

Thrift Store

Pet Haven Thrift Store is located in Downtown Caldwell and is a fun and easy way to help support CC Pet Haven Humane Society.

When you donate your slightly used clothing, electronics, household goods and furniture, you help your community and allow us to provide better lives for our feline friends.

Everyone likes a sweet deal and this means that the money you save by buying from us, will also help save lives.

Like all non-profit charities, your donations are tax deductible. We have a little of everything, even office supplies.

Pet of the Month

Black and white 8 month old kitten

Pet of the Month is a program supported by the Idaho Press Tribune. Each month we feature a cat or kitten that needs adoption. 

At CC Pet Haven, we make sure all our adopted cats are “fixed” before adoption. While we do have kittens that have been taken in, they must be 8 weeks old to be adopted. 

This picture is only an example of the beautiful cats and kittens that will be featured monthly on our site. Please visit our link to Pet Finders to see who else needs a good home or feel free to stop by.

Remember, we have 4 cats each week at Petco in Nampa at the Market Place Boulevard by Target.

Open: Monday -Friday 10am – 6pm, Saturday… Noon – 4pm

Misson Statement



“To foster an environment of

Respect, Responsibility and Compassion through education and leadership;

to take care of the homeless, and defend the abused, and to fight for recognition of the integrity of all animals.”


We are always in need of supporters.  Check our Thank You page to see who has been helping us in our community.


Monday – Friday 10am to 6pm       Saturday… Noon to 4pm

Call Us at: (208) 466-1298