Spay & Neuter

Help save other cats and  kittens by "fixing" your pet. You can even help the community by spaying and neutering stray cats, and returning them back where you found them.

* Please ask around first.


Friendly Fixers provides a Spay & Neuter Clinic on  Thursdays at our location by appointment only. 


Friendly Fixers is competitively priced  and has morning drop-offs. Pet Haven also offers low cost pet carriers. 

Please see the Spay & Neuter tab for scheduling information.


Cat Adoptions

Please visit our shelter and see the wonderful cats and kittens we have for adoption.  We can tell you  about its personality and you can use one of our adoption rooms to get acquainted.  We can tell you if it is kid-friendly, likes other animals, or is a special needs cat.


Pet Haven offers a playroom where our volunteers play with our cats to let their characters and personalities shine.  We also have off-site adoptions at Petco and PetSmart in Nampa.



Thrift Store

Pet Haven Thrift Store is located in Downtown Caldwell and is a fun and easy way to help support Pet Haven.

When you donate your slightly used clothing, electronics, household goods and furniture, you help your community and allow us to provide better lives for our feline friends.


Everyone likes a sweet deal and this means that the money you save by buying from us, will also help save lives.  We have a little of everything.  Come and look around.


Like all non-profit charities, your donations are tax deductible.